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Our Consulting Approach

Providing another set of eyes, a lot of grey matter, and ton of experience which enables us to work smart, provide innovative (food wise) solutions and generate measureable results.


Engagements often start with a communications audit...a third party opinion that provides an understanding of messaging and lays the groundwork to leverage the equity that exists in existing materials. It provides a professional outsiders opinion to help determine the "face" of the company or brand helping to give reassurance that materials are consistent with any new corporate directives or current product and corporate positions. Including a competitive materials analysis provides insights at to how and if materials breakthrough the clutter in the competitive environment.


You will have a better understanding of the customer-oriented elements that best communicate and are user-friendly and hard working...those that best differentiate the brand or products and provide operators and sales personnel with user-friendly information.


Some of the evaluation criteria includes: Consistency — look and feel that is distinctive and easily identified as yours; clarity of message — single main selling proposition that is evident; are they user friendly — language, foodservice appropriate, easy to understand, relevant; contain key message points — features and benefits oriented; well positioned — supports the product's or brand's uniqueness, quality and price image; and are they extendable — can be executed in a variety of venues; positioning — unoccupied, relevant, unique.


Second a la carte program to help you feel secure in what you are doing!


One of the greatest marketing challenges is to balance short-term tactics with long range strategy. Often those too close to the day-to-day tasks of marketing can get stuck on shortsighted priorities. Programs often focus on quick-hit programs for generating immediate leads for the sales team; creating promotional events to spike orders; walking away too early from established brand equity and other scattered initiatives. Short-term strategy becomes the constant.


Your motive for using "Second Opinion" is not to have FoodWise Marketing Solutions, LLC threaten or replace your existing agency relationship; it is an outside perspective to help you feel secure in executing programs that are recommended and help you evaluate the ones you are initiating or planning to execute. 


Billing and Compensation

We operate as a fee-based consulting/agency. (Staff time on projects is tracked and becomes the basis for billing: consulting, creative, production, account services). Billing is based on approved and signed estimates, tracked by the job number. Estimated bills are reconciled against actual supplier invoices. Suppliers' bills are not marked up. All outside purchases (travel, tradeshow fees, lists, etc.) are passed through at cost. Documentation is attached to invoicing. All projects are estimated and billed prior to execution. Estimates are reconciled against actual when jobs close.

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